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“Bio Green,
Here at The Tesoro Club, I have been using Bio Green in my weekly foliar program on 36 holes of Tiffeagle Bermudagrass greens for the past 6 months.  Bio Green is a cost effective product that is very compatible with my other greens grade liquid fertilizers and has helped to reduce application rates to our high quality turf areas while holding excellent color and growth through periods of stress.
This product has helped to streamline my greens program by balancing beneficial soil organisms and maintaining them at an optimum level.  The overall playability of my putting surfaces has improved dramatically in such a short period of time I would have no problem recommending Bio Green to other golf course superintendents and I would expect them to experience similar results.
Matthew A Boyd
GCS The Tesoro Club

Bio Green,
I have been using Bio Green as a part of my weekly fertilizer application on 18 holes plus 2 practice greens.  The turf is tiff dwarf bermuda grass. I have observed that the greens hold their color 3 to 4 days longer than with my previous program.
Also I have been able to reduce my water usage by a 1/3, and there is little or no disease pressure. Because of their age the greens would get fairy ring alot.  For the past 3 months there has been no fairy ring. I have also used Bio Green on the floritam surrounding the clubhouse and see a tremendous improvement in turf quality and color.  I would recommend Bio Green to anyone in the turf business.
David Larson
Heritage Ridge Golf

“Bio Green,
I started incorporating Bio Green into our greens program on a weekly basis about 12 months ago. Bio Green is one of two products we apply to our 38 greens and nursery every week. On one set of greens we have 11 year old Tifeagle greens and the other set has 3 year old Champion greens. Each set of greens present different challenges but we are finally getting consistent results with Bio Green in our greens program.  There have been noticeable changes in root density, color and moisture retention using Bio Green.
During a record cold spell our greens barely went off color and the ”green up” after the cold spell was almost indescribable. Bio Green will be one of the staples in our greens program in the future and I am anxious to work on cutting back on pesticide applications by using Bio Green as a key component.
I recommend the use of Bio Green in any comprehensive greens program as it has been beneficial in both results and cost effectiveness.
Scott Mau
Golf Course Superintendent
Palm Beach Polo & Country Club


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